Cool massage items

Massage accessories

Top tips for self-massage

  • Use a foam roller to massage your legs. Rolling over the foam roller will allow you exert more pressure, and it’s much less hard on your hands and thumbs.
  • Stretches are just as good as massage for lengthening muscles. Hold static stretches for 30 seconds to lengthen each muscle group.
  • Relax – if you are tense while you massage yourself, there will be no benefit. Get yourself into a comfortable position.
  • Use massage balm or massage lotion rather than oil. Oil tends to just leave a mess and it’s difficult to wipe off when you have finished.
  • Concentrate on trigger points – these are the “knots” in the muscle tissue, and they feel harder than normal muscles and are tender to touch. Massaging these areas can help reduce pain.
  • Warm the muscles, perhaps by massaging in the bath. Warm muscles tend to loosen up better than cold muscles, so massaging in a warm environment such as a bath can help.
And now for the tools themselves..

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